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Funky Foodies, Episode 10

Izzy’s Pop-up Pancake Party” — Izzy causes a pancake batter disaster in the kitchen when trying to make breakfast for the Funky Foodies. Frankie & Fern teach Izzy about pancakes from around the world, and plan a pop-up pancake party that saves the day.

Kid-friendly recipe: Fluffy Homemade Pancakes

Funky Foodies is a brand-new podcast for kids, and it’s produced right here in Central New York. Tween foodies, Frankie and Fern, share a passion for food and its impacts on the environment. Adventures follow after they form an alliance called Funky Foodies, Inc., pledging to, “Save the Planet, One Veggie Burger at a Time.” Head to for more from Funky Foodies, including those great recipes!
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