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Funky Foodies, Episode 5
"Standing up for Vertical Farming"- After he walks in and sees Fern in an upside down yoga pose, Izzy learns about yoga and also about vertical farming. Kid-friendly recipe: Easy…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 4
"Serving up a Food Recovery Program" – Frankie & Fern meet at the Greasy Spoon diner, where Fern's mom Glow is a waitress. They see how much food is wasted…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 2
"Izzy & the Buzzing Bee Caper" - in this episode, Frankie's little brother, Izzy, gets frightened up a tree after encountering a honey bee, giving Frankie & Fern a chance…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 1
Funky Foodies is a podcast for kids, and it’s produced right here in Central New York. Tween foodies, Frankie and Fern, share a passion for food and its impacts on…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 10
Izzy’s Pop-up Pancake Party" -- Izzy causes a pancake batter disaster in the kitchen when trying to make breakfast for the Funky Foodies. Frankie & Fern teach Izzy about pancakes…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 9
"Henry Tries to Sink the Aquaponics Field Trip" – Funky Foodies are excited about proposing a science class field trip to the local aquaponics farm, but they’re up against Henry’s…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 8
EP 8: "Glow Earns Five Stars in Organics" - Frankie & Fern plan a visit to the Happy Veggie Organic Farm while visiting Fern’s mom, Glow, at the Greasy Spoon.…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 7
"Izzy Dives into Seaweed" – Izzy takes responsibility of the first-grade aquarium over break. The tank turns green and Izzy gets upset, but the Funky Foodies help him understand the…read more →
Funky Foodies, Episode 3
"Frankie & Fern and the Science Fair Pickle" -- Fern needs to come up with a science fair project and decides that growing organic cucumbers and making them into pickles…read more →