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Funky Foodies, Episode 8

EP 8: “Glow Earns Five Stars in Organics” – Frankie & Fern plan a visit to the Happy Veggie Organic Farm while visiting Fern’s mom, Glow, at the Greasy Spoon. They teach Glow the benefits of organics. Glow decides the diner should make an organic garden and add organic options to the menu. Kid-friendly recipe: Oven Roasted Carrots. Funky Foodies is a brand-new podcast for kids, and it’s produced right here in Central New York. Tween foodies, Frankie and Fern, share a passion for food and its impacts on the environment. Adventures follow after they form an alliance called Funky Foodies, Inc., pledging to, “Save the Planet, One Veggie Burger at a Time.” Click here for more from Funky Foodies, including those great recipes!
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