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Funky Foodies Episode 210: The Morris Meany Pond Scum Rescue

After the Funkies save Morris Meany from being marooned in the pond, he learns how valuable the vacant lot is by seeing first-hand how many Moretown citizens, including himself, appreciate nature. At the end of the episode, Morris Meany agrees to pay for the new nature center and community garden (yay!) – so everyone celebrates with a cake. Kid-friendly recipe: Texas Sheet Cake.

Funky Foodies is a podcast for kids, and it’s produced right here in Central New York. Tween foodies Frankie, Fern, and Zara share a passion for food and its impacts on the environment. Adventures follow after they form an alliance called Funky Foodies, Inc., pledging to, “Save the Planet, One Veggie Burger at a Time.” Kid-friendly recipes reflecting the theme of each episode are included.

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