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WCNY’s original wellness program, “Cycle of Health” premieres with a vibrant new look and feel for an all-new sixth season, Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. on WCNY.

Award-winning journalist and longtime host, Susan Kennedy returns to go in depth with patients, experts and those experiencing the healthcare system firsthand. Dr. Richard O’Neill contributes stories of those in our community dealing with mental health conditions and issues often misunderstood and under reported. Fatima Faisal explores health and wellness inside the world of millennials.

Season Highlights:

  • Surgery: Exciting developments in the surgery experience.
  • Holiday Heart Attacks: How to recognize and avoid them.
  • Men vs. Women: How does each gender deal with diagnosis and disease?
  • Where are they Now? Check in with some of the most inspiring Cycle of Health subjects.
  • Clinical Trials: Benefits and risks of clinical trials and what’s next on the horizon.
  • Kids’ Health and Wellness: See how little ones can teach us about healthful habits.

Season 5

COH513 Back Pain, Tai Chi, RICE and Prosthesis

COH513 Back Pain, Tai Chi, RICE and Prosthesis



Back Pain Resource:


Tai Chi Resources:


What is Tai Chi?


Tai Chi Classes in CNY:



MEAT and RICE Resources:








Prosthesis Resource:


Syracuse Prosthetic Center

Breast Cancer and Hispanic Women, Endometrial Cancer & A Reformed Couch Potato

Breast Cancer and Hispanic Women Resources:

Spanish Action League – La Liga

Breast Cancer Services: 315-427-3315


St. Agatha Foundation


More information about Hispanics and Breast Cancer:

National Institutes of Health:


Susan G. Komen Foundation:


Fred Hutch Cancer Research:


Endometrial Cancer Resources:

What is Endometrial Cancer/ American Cancer Society –


Statistics about Endometrial Cancer/ American Cancer Society


Learn more about Dr. Mary Cunningham


Reformed Couch Potato Resources:

Chasing My Kudu – Or How I Ran My First Marathon


Kelly’s Choice

Pregnancy and Parenthood

Perinatal and Post-Partum Issues Resources:

Family Perinatal Support Groups:


The American Psychological Association



National Institutes of Mental Health


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


National Child and Maternal Health Education Program


Postpartum Resource Center of New York


To find a provider in your area call: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)


March of Dimes 2015 Premature Birth Report Card

Bone Marrow and Sexual Assault

Bone Marrow Resources:

Be the Match Bone Marrow Program


One woman and the Be the Match Program:


Sexual Assault Resources:

Vera House online and hotline resources:

Assault and Abuse:


Men’s Outreach Programs – Lead by Example

If you or someone you know has been a victim of rape, sexual assault, or domestic abuse, call the Vera House Hotline at (315) 468-3260

Onondaga County Child Welfare


Pinwheels for Prevention:


McMahon/Ryan Advocacy Center:

If you suspect that a child is being abused, call Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-342-3720

Heroin Epidemic

The heroin epidemic has touched many communities in America including Central New York. The links below will provide you with additional information as well as resources for those struggling with heroin addiction.

Onondaga County website:


New York State Health Department website:

Speech Communications

Speech Communication Resources to explore:

Learn more about how the Chat Collective inspires and engages us to communicate effectively:


Learn about the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University – advancing the civic, economic and social participation of people with disabilities:


Tips on ways to communicate with non-verbal people in our lives:


Learn more about Syracuse University’s Gebbie Clinic:

Discussing Healthcare Today

This edition of Cycle of Health features a discussion with representatives from three area healthcare organizations. Listed below are their websites to learn more about the organizations and their services.

Crouse Hospital:


Syracuse Community Health Center:


Upstate Hospital:

Full Body Donation, Obese No More

Body Donation Resources:

Anatomical Gift Program SUNY Upstate Medical University:

Hospice Care and Volunteerism, End of Life Conversations and Documents

Hospice Resources:

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Hospice of CNY

Hospice of CNY Volunteers


Preparing for End of Life through Conversation and Documentation Resources:

The Conversation Project

Preparing Your End of Life Documents

End of Life Legal Information from the Visiting Nurse Service of NY

The New Dunbar Community Center, Public Health, Sole Sisters in Health

Dunbar Community Center Resources:

The Dunbar Center and the 15th Ward articles:

Dunbar Community Center Contact Information:

Phone: 315-760-3155; email:


Public Health Story Resources:

 Onondaga County Health Department


Sole Sisters Story Resource:

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Programs:

Positive Active Aging, Fall Prevention

Positive Active Aging, Fall Prevention  

A ProLiteracy video of Ruth Colvin sharing her passion for Literacy:


National Council on Aging: Falls Prevention Facts:


Onondaga County Department of Aging information:


The U.S. Census Report 2010 on Aging:


US News and World Report: What People Who Live to 100 Have in Common:


From The Guardian: Aging in Britain

Inspiring Fitness Instructor, Water and Obesity, Puppies and Prisoners, Electronic Medical Records

Fred Wilson: Inspiring Fitness Instructor

Fred Wilson’s Fitness After 50 website:


Water and Obesity

Where to find the study:

Online article about the study:


Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

Federal Government Explanation of Electronic Medical Records


Puppies and Prisoners

Second Chance Canine Adoption Program:


Fresh Food, Friendship, and Fitness

Fresh Food, Friendship and Fitness

Metro Fitness Club


Find a YMCA in your area:


Tips to Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle:


Season 4

Kelleigh's Cause, Building a Healthy Neighborhood, and Running a Race

Kelleigh’s Cause

Learn more about Kelleigh and the way she’s helping others with AVM (arteriovenous malformation) by visiting her foundation’s website. You’ll find more about her story, the disease, the research, and ways to help!


Near Westside Initiative

The Lerner Center and building healthy neighborhoods:


The Near Westside Initiative opens a new box soccer court in neighborhood park:


Learn more about the collaborative efforts to help the Near Westside neighborhood thrive!


Reporter Race/Age is Only a Number

We ran in the popular Festival of Races – organized by Dave Oja. Check out our times, and learn about this race that appeals to elite master runners, first-timers, and families too!

Eye Donation, Corneal Transplant, and Eye Cancer

Eye Donation/Cornea Transplants

More information about corneal transplants from the Mayo Clinic:


Eye and Tissue Bank

Learn more about the need for donations and find out how to become a donor by checking out the Central New York Eye and Tissue Bank:


Eye Cancer/Mike Lamb

More details about Choroidal melanoma:

This report is from the National Institutes of Health:


Information from the American Cancer Society:


Mike Lamb praises the physicians who helped/are helping him:

Dr. Marc Safran, Clay Eye Center

Dr. Rajeev Seth, Retina Vitreous Surgeons of Syracuse

Dr. Carol Shields, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia

Dr. Paul Finger, The New York Eye Cancer Center

Fibromyalgia and Laborists/Hospitalists


Fibromyalgia description including symptoms:




Here’s some more information about hospitalists:


Here’s a link to Dr. Weinstein’s OBGYN Practice.


Did you see that necklace that Kim wore – it’s also a teething ring for babies!

Fecal Transplants and Managed Long Term Care

Fecal Transplant

Another story about fecal transplants in CNY:


Does insurance cover fecal transplants?


Managed Long term care  

ICIRCLE Care is just one example of a managed long term care program being offered to Medicaid eligible, chronically ill people in NYS. Learn more here:

Value of Vaccines and Jill Walsh - Multiple Sclerosis

Value of Vaccines

Data from the World Health Organization:


Jill Walsh – Multiple Sclerosis

The National MS Society – lots of information here!


Jill is set to race in the Paralympics in Rio in 2016:

Elective Birth Procedures and New Year's Resolutions


More details from the American Congress of OBGYNs:



Here’s more information about Dr. Norcross’s book “Changeology.”

Stroke Device, Heart Health in Kids, Coming back from Injury

Stroke Device

Bill now has a Medtronic Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor.

Here’s more information about the use of the monitor:

From the Cayuga Medical Center:

From the manufacturer, Medtronic:


Heart Health in Kids

More tips from the American Heart Association:


Coming Back from Injury

There is a great deal of information on the Internet, but it is really best to talk to your physician or trainer about the best way to re-enter your exercise routine following an injury.

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, and Exercise as We Age

Who is treating me?

LeMoyne has thriving Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner programs:

Note: So Does Upstate


Older Exercise


More about the great Vitality Programs at SUNY Upstate – keep moving!

Refugee Health and Engagement, and Saying Goodbye

Refugee Health

Links to Refugee Health Services from various agencies across CNY:

  1. Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees:
  2. Catholic Charities Refugee Services:
  3. The Community Health Foundation of Western and Central New York:

A report on the status of Refugees in CNY from



The Somali-Bantu Association – of which Dr. Morrow is a member.



More about the expertise of Cynthia Morrow:,_Cynthia/


Saying Goodbye

Ask your doctor to recommend a psychologist should you need help in coping with grief. There are various articles and sources online too, so you can learn more about the process of grief.

American Psychological Association:


An article about a study linking overwhelming grief to depression:

Adult and Pediatric Pain Management and Humanitarian Help

Managing Music and Pain

 Learn more about Physical Therapist Michael Costello and his work in physical therapy.  Here’s a link to his bio:


L’il Anne and Hot Cayenne

So fun!  Anne’s Band is a blend of rock and blues and funk and country with some upbeat Zydeco weaving it all together!

Here’s their Facebook Page:


Pediatric Pain Management

Detailed article from the National Institute of Health about acute pain  management in kids:


And more from the American Academy of Pediatrics:


Humanitarian Help

Jill joins the Heart to Heart Organization for their humanitarian trips.  Learn more here:


Kim is part of Operation Walk Syracuse.  Learn more about their generous aid trips:

Purposeful Living, Pelvic Pain, and Farm to Pantry

Purposeful Living – Long Term Care

Long term care-giving information:


Family Caregiver Alliance:


Leading Age:


Onondaga County Office for Aging:


Here’s more information about The Cottages at Garden Grove:


Pelvic Pain

Information about what a pelvic physical therapist is:!about-trumble-physical-therapy/c18rd


Farm to Food Pantry Update

Read more about Matthew 25 Farm and volunteer opportunities:


The Girl Scouts are about more than just cookies!  See how you can help the future leaders of our world:


Find a food pantry in your area:


For information about the Central New York Food Bank:

Skin Cancer, Teen Tanning, Blind Cyclist

Skin Cancer

Information about skin cancer can be found from a variety of foundations and agencies including:

The Skin Cancer Foundation


The American Academy of Dermatology—t/skin-cancer


On Set – Teens/Tanning and Skin Cancer

Learn more about skin cancer prevention and detection:


The World Health Organization’s formal warning against tanning beds:


Blind Cyclist

Track her success!  Shawn Cheshire’s Very Own Website – great blog, photos, and other interesting stuff:


Various feature articles about Shawn can be found at Disabled Sports USA:


A local profile of Shawn:

Bone Marrow, Chi Running

Bone Marrow:

This is a link to the foundation that Bill Pomeroy founded.  It funds his passion for preserving history – and his passion for saving lives.

If you are between the ages of 18-44 and in general good health, you too could donate your bone marrow.  Below is a link to an online drive to help find a match for Baby King and others in need of bone marrow.


Late Blooming Runner:

Learn more about Maryann’s Chi Running classes and technique by going here:


Season 3

Genetic Counseling, Alcoholism

Genetic Counseling


For more information about Ehlers-Danlos please visit the national foundation’s website:


There are genetic counselors across Central New York.  Here’s a list from the NY Dept. of Health.  Also, ask your physician for a recommendation:


In addition, here’s a link to a regional genetic counseling council in Baltimore,  recommended by the woman featured in this Cycle of Health program, Mischel Satunas:





For more information:

Teen Contraception, Hearing Loss in Children, Stress at Work

Teen Contraception

For more information visit:


American Academy of Pediatrics – Contraception for Adolescents


The American Congress of OBGYNs:


Planned Parenthood:



Hearing Loss in Children


For more information about hearing issues:


More about the Speech and Language Hearing Clinics at SU – The Gebbie Clinics:



Stress at Work


Learn more about Kris Byron and her research:


Learn more about The Ridge Restaurant


Learn more about Melinda’s nonprofit Clear Path for Veterans, which was recently honored as nonprofit of the year!:

ALS, Eating Disorders, Blind Faith: Angela Winfield


For more information about ALS:

ALS Association



Eating Disorders


For information, personal stories, access to help, go to:


Find help, friends and good food at Ophelia’s Place and Café at 407:


Blind Faith: Angela Winfield


More information about Angela and her company Blind Faith:

Self-defense, Workplace Wellness

Self Defense

For more information:


Workplace Wellness

More about Ithaca College’s Mind, Body and Me program:


More about Healthy Syracuse program:

Food Baby, Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy, Super Mom

Food Baby

Learn more about the Kirch Develop: Services Center:


Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy

For more information:


The Charlie Foundation


The Epilepsy Foundation


University of Rochester Medical Center – Strong Epilepsy Center

(585) 341-7500


The Epilepsy Pralid, Inc.



Super Mom

For more details about the sandwich generation:

Domestic Violence, Calming Kids, Infertility

Domestic Violence

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

1 (800) 799-SAFE (7233)


Vera House in CNY


Calming Kids

For more information about the video game study:


For more information about the sensory room at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Upstate Medical University:



For more information about infertility:

The National Infertility Association:

Young Widow, LHON Eye Disease, Music and Alzheimers

Young Widow

For more information:


Widow to Widow: Thoughtful Practical Ideas for Rebuilding Your Life, book by Genevieve Ginsburg

For additional grief and loss resources, see also Palliative Care and No Regrets in the list of resources


LHON Eye Disease

For more information about this eye disease:


Flaum Eye Institute


Music and Alzheimers


More information about the value of music for Alzheimer’s patients:

Brain Tumor, Menopause, Make a Wish

Brain Tumor

For information:

The American Brain Tumor Association:



For more information about menopause:


Women’s Wellness Place


For more details from the National Institute on Aging:



Make A Wish


For more information about CNY’s Make A Wish chapter:

Cystic Fibrosis, SIDS, Keeping Fit

Cystic Fibrosis

For more information about Cystic Fibrosis:



American SIDS Institute

New research about SIDS from the NIH:

Sudden Infant and Child Death Resource Center

Central New York Region
315-251-1400, x118


Keeping Fit On Stage and Off

Want to learn more about the productions at Syracuse Stage?
Or call 315-443-3275

Palliative Care, No Regrets

Palliative Care

More information about Palliative Care

For more information about Hospice Care and Palliative Care:

Hospice Foundation of America:

The Center to Advance Palliative Care – National Organization

Hospicare & PalliativeCare Services (serving Tompkins and Cortland counties):

Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State:

Caring Connections, from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization:

Compassion and Support (a coalition based in Rochester):

Family Caregiver Alliance:

Hospice Foundation of America:

Pallimed (a hospice and palliative medicine blog):


No Regrets

Internet Resources focused on grief and loss:

Grief Net:

Grief Loss Recovery:

AARP Foundations: Grief and Loss:

What’s Your Grief:

Elaine Mansfield’s blog on grief and healing:

The Conversation Project (helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care)

National Healthcare Decisions Day (April 16 each year, a day dedicated helping people think about their wishes for end-of-life care):


Books on grief and loss:

A Time to Grieve: Meditations for Healing After the Death of a Loved One by Carol Staudacher

Life after Loss by Bob Diets

Swallowed By a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Grief by Thomas R. Golden

When Parents Die: A Guide for Adults by Edward Myer

Counseling, Education and Information Resources

Center for Living with Loss at Hospice

990 Seventh North Street

Liverpool, New  York  13088



Hope for Bereaved

4500 Onondaga Blvd.

Syracuse, New York  13219



Update from Ryan Gorke (Special Olympian)

“I went to Rome New York with my SPECIAL OLYMPICS Swim Team. I won Fifth Place in the Backstroke. I won Fourth Place in the Freestyle. And I won First Place in The 4-50 Medeley Relay.”

Parkinson's Disease, Stem Cell Girl, Running Streak

Parkinson’s Disease

For more information about Parkinson’s Disease symptoms, treatment and research:

National Parkinson’s Foundation


Stem Cell Girl

For more of Delaney’s story go to:


Running Streak

Check out the latest tally of Joe Raffa’s running streak!   Remember he’s #63 on the list:


Designing Healthier Communities, Lyme Disease, Father and Son Training

Designing Healthier Communities

More on the Healthy Shopper Rewards Project

For more information about the Kresge Foundation, its mission and grants go to

Lyme Disease

More information about Lyme disease can be found here:

Father and Son Training

Xterra Triathlon

USA Triathlon Kids Guide

The National Institutes of Health

Skin Cancer, Refugee Health, Benefits of Singing

Skin Cancer

More information on skin cancer prevention, detection and treatment can be found through your dermatologist or the American Cancer Society: cancer?gclid=CJX3ofecscACFScV7Aod0HAAFg

Find a body map and photos of skin cancers here:

Refugee Health

For more information about the United State’s Refugee Resettlement Act:

Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees

Benefits of Singing

Singing changes your brain:

Does singing make you happy:

Health benefits of singing:

Opiate Addiction, Veterans, and Senior Tri-Athletes

Farmer Hub, Urban Garden, and Plant a Row

Farmer Hub

More information about FarmShed CNY:

More information about Side Hill Farmers:

More information about small sized farms:

Urban Garden

More information about the Food Studies Program at Syracuse University:

Plant a Row

Here’s more about the “root” of the Plant a Row national campaign:

Here’s information about Food Banks, many provide fresh produce to clients:

Concussions, Fractures, and Lenny Tucker


Find out the signs of a concussion, and way to prevent and treat a concussion in kids and adults:


Stress Fracture Information:

Overuse Injuries in Children:

Lenny Tucker

One of the projects that inspires Lenny Tucker:

Flow/Happiness, Tourette's Syndrome, and Stroke



TED talk from the author of FLOW: The Secret to Happiness, one of the concepts discussed by Dr. Richard O’Neill:

More details about SMART training, self management and recovery training:

The free medical/dental clinic founded by Satterly and her team:

Amaus Health Services:


For more information about symptoms and therapies for Tourettes from the Tourettes Syndrome Association:

Read more about US Soccer Goalie and Tourette’s sufferer Tim Howard:

More FAQs about Tourettes from the National Institutes of Health:


More information can be found here:

National Stroke Association:

Centers for Disease Control

American Heart Association has these tips specifically for women:

Read more about Gary’s journey as featured in the Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Rehabilitation webpage:’s-healthcare-highlights-area’s-only-stroke-center-for

Pregnancy/Exercise, Women and Heart Disease, and Pet Therapy


Basic guidelines for remaining active while pregnant:

From the Mayo Clinic:

From the American Pregnancy Association:

From the American Congress of OBGYNs:

Women and Heart Disease

Check out Leisha’s Counseling, Coaching, Consulting Business, “Her Heart Beat”:, 315-663-1712

Check out Gwen’s Leadership Consulting Business, “Gwen Inc.”:, 315-252-6326

Information on Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Heart Disease in Women, can be found here at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute:

And here at the American Heart Association – Go Red For Women Campaign website, find important information on Risk Factors and Symptoms:

Pet Therapy

Arranging for pet therapy in Central New York:

The effectiveness and benefits of pet therapy:

More pet therapy programs and information:

Power of Sleep, Breast Cancer Among Women of Color, and Autism

Power of Sleep

How much sleep do we really need?  Find out here:

All you need to know about the value of sleep from the Centers for Disease Control:

Can less sleep mean more illness?

Breast Cancer Among Women of Color


The Sisters Network:

Health and Human Services:

Susan G Komen facts on Breast Cancer and Women of Color:


Learn more about inclusion education and the Jowonio School, founded by Peter Knoblock:

Autism information from the Centers for Disease Control:

Autism Facts from the Neurological Institute:

Dental Crisis, Ayurvedic Medicine, Hip Replacement

Dental Health Crisis

If you or someone you know needs access to free or discounted Dental and/or Medical care, call your county health service.  And if you are in the Central NY area, contact Amaus Medical/Dental Services at Cathedral, the clinic featured in this episode:

Amaus Medical/Dental Services at Cathedral:

Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health CenterDental Services:

Some more information about the Dental Dilemma – a rising instance of dental issues seen in the ER:

Ayurvedic Medicine

General information about Ayurveda from the National Institutes of Health:

More about Lyric Soprano Christine Powers, featured in the Ayurveda segment:

More about Dr. Steve Wechsler featured in the Ayurveda segment:

Hip Replacement

To find out if you’re a candidate for hip replacement surgery, you can start the search by checking out:

Risks of delaying surgery:

Special Needs/Schools, Prostate Cancer, Fibroids/Endometriosis


Season 2

Meditation, Massage, Herbs


Information about the ZEN Center:

How To Meditate:

Why Meditation may help reduce stress, some scientific proof:


Wall Street Journal article describing recent studies on massage:

Griffin-Nolan’s Spa:


Herbal Remedy information from the National Institute of Health:

Shopping for herbs in Syracuse:

Thursdays at 8 p.m. with a repeat Sundays at 1 p.m.

Saturdays at 3 a.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m.

Wednesdays at noon, 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. (Thursday) with a Saturday repeat at 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and midnight.




















Fatima Faisal graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications with a Bachelor of Science in newspaper and online journalism with a psychology minor and a concentration in pre-med.  Her interests and experience lie in science and communication and since graduation has merged those interests through the publication of several scientific research projects.  

She is the co-author of: “Comorbid ADHD and Anxiety Affect Social Skills Group Intervention Treatment Efficacy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders,” in the Journal of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. She is also the co-author of “The influence of electronic cigarette age purchasing restrictions on adolescent tobacco and marijuana use” in Preventative Medicine. Fatima was also a contributing writer for the Elite Daily and now is currently a pharmaceutical copywriter at Sudler and Hennessey. 

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