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March 31, 2022: Elisa Dekaney, CMM First Mondays

Published - March 31, 2022

  Civic Morning Musicals presents a new concert series, First Mondays, with great performances on the first Monday of every month.  Coming up next week, a performance from Samba Laranja, the S.U. Brazilian Ensemble.  Co-director of the ensemble, Dr. Elisa Dekaney, came to the Classic FM studios to talk about the concert, the music, and a bit of the culture of Brazil.  It’s sure to be an exciting concert from these talented young musicians.   More about Civic Morning Musicals can be found here.   And all the latest about Samba Laranja is on their Facebook page.

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March 28, 2022: Martha Grener, OCC

Published - March 28, 2022

  Martha Grener, flute and Rob Bridge, percussion are giving a concert at OCC on Wednesday evening.  The concert wraps up a day of workshops for the OCC Flute and Percussion Day.  Martha stopped into the Classic FM studios to tell us about the concert, the pairing of flute with percussion, and give us some insight into just what happens during a MasterClass.   More about Music at SUNY OCC is available on their Facebook page.  

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S06 Ep30: Women of Color – Hispanic and Latinx Musicians

Published - March 26, 2022

  “Believe in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path.”  – Soledad O’Brien   A June 2016 article in the Minnesota Star Tribune tells us just 2.5% of orchestra musicians are Latino.  On this episode of Feminine Fusion, I highlight the achievements of several Hispanic and Latino women in the classical music world.   Women of Color: Hispanic and Latinx Musicians Maria Grever: Un Beso Maria Luisa Tamez, mezzo-soprano; Angel Rodriguez, piano “Canta a Maria Grever y Augustin Lara” Urtext 227 Juventino Rosas: Sobre las Olas Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas; Alondra

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March 25, 2022: Julie Pretzat, Syracuse Vocal Ensemble

Published - March 25, 2022

  The Syracuse Vocal Ensemble is preparing for “Shakespeare and Love,” a concert featuring works composed on texts by Shakespeare, along with performances of sonnets and scenes with guest artists, Mark Cole and Robin Curtis.  Julie Pretzat, Artistic Director of the ensemble, stopped into the studios to tell us more about the concert, and the fun they have had in putting it all together.  She also gave us a hint about what’s in store for next season!     Find out about the Syracuse Vocal Ensemble here.

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March 24, 2022: Reginald Mobley, NYS Baroque Guest Artist

Published - March 24, 2022

  Countertenor Reginald Mobley is in Central New York for two performances with NYS Baroque this weekend.  He took a short break from rehearsal to chat about the concert, and told us the amazing background of composer Ignatius Sancho, a former slave who became a composer and the first black person to vote in Parlimentary elections.  We also learned how Reggie made the change from aspiring painter to Grammy-nominated singer.   Information about NYS Baroque is available here. And you can learn about Reginald Mobley at his website.

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S06 Ep29: Bold and Brassy, Part 3

Published - March 19, 2022

“Brass has a very distinctive sound.  It’s delicate but powerful, but it’s also melancholic and plaintive.”  – Johann Johannsson   Look at the brass section of a band or orchestra, and you won’t see many women there.  This episode is different.  We have an hour filled with brass music performed by some marvelously talented brass players – all women.   Bold and Brassy, Part 3   Felix Mendelssohn:  Scherzo, from A Midsummer Night’s Dream Seraph Brass “Asteria” Summit Records 709 Jennifer Higdon:  Trumpet Songs Raquel Samayoa, trumpet Michael Schneider, piano “Trumpet Songs” Summit Records 790 Frank Ticheli:  Concertino for Trombone

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March 18, 2022: Euclid String Quartet, CMSU

Published - March 18, 2022

    The Euclid Quartet is coming to Utica this weekend, for the next concert with the Chamber Music Society of Utica.  Violinist Jameson Cooper took a bit of time as the quartet was travelling to chat with us about the concert, and the joys of pairing familiar and new works on the same program. Jameson has shared some additional information about the Paterson string quartet they will be performing, which you can see here.   More from the Chamber Music Society of Utica can be found here. And information about the Euclid Quartet is available here.

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S06 Ep28: Women of Old, Part 2

Published - March 12, 2022

“I am an ancestress of tomorrow.”  – Luisa Teish   This week, we step back a few centuries to listen to music composed by our ancestresses, from the Medieval to the early Baroque period.  From the women in the convents, to music from the troubadours, their music comes to life in these recordings.   Ancient Mothers, Part 2 Beatritz de Romans:  Na Maria, pretz e fina valors Sinfonye “The Sweet Look and the Loving Manner” Hyperion 624425 Maroie de Dregnau de Lille:  Mout m’abelist quant je voie revenir Sinfonye “The Sweet Look and the Loving Manner” Hyperion 624425 Comtessa de Dia:  A chantar m’er

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March 11, 2022: Kirk Trevor and Lucy Fitz Gibbon, CCO Ithaca

Published - March 11, 2022

    The Cayuga Chamber Orchestra is presenting a “Celebration of Song” this weekend, with two very special guests.  Soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon and guest conductor Kirk Trevor spoke to us about the concert, the joys of live music, and the wonderful arrangement of the Mahler Symphony 4 for chamber orchestra. More about the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra is available here. Lucy Fitz Gibbon’s website is here, and Kirk Trevor’s is available here.

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“On the Money” premieres March 17 on WCNY-TV

Published - March 10, 2022

WCNY, Central New York’s community-owned public broadcaster, will premiere its new fast-paced, contemporary financial news program, “On the Money” at 8 p.m. March 17 on WCNY-TV. This 13-part series features interesting people, companies, investors, and happenings in Central New York. In 1992, WCNY-TV tested a new show concept geared towards personal finances and investment advice. After just one season, it became clear the show was a hit with viewers, many of whom called in with their questions during the live Thursday night broadcasts. “Financial Fitness” went on to become one of the station’s longest-running and highest-rated programs. Now, after a

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Animation Arrives in Syracuse

Published - March 7, 2022

The region’s public broadcasting station WCNY and Five Peaks Animation, creator of children’s animation, have partnered to help develop the animation industry in Central New York including working in collaboration with the Central New York STEAM High School. The organizations are working together to produce several educational television series that will be produced locally and will provide skills training and jobs to aspiring and accomplished animators in the region. The series will promote reading and classic literature, teach zoology, oceanography, and wildlife conservation with the goal to distribute the animated shows on WCNY and make them available to other participating

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March 7, 2022: Peppie Calvar, Music and Message at Hendricks

Published - March 7, 2022

    Peppie Calvar’s Mass of Reconciliation is coming to Hendricks Chapel on the SU campus this week as part of the Music & Message series and the Malmgren Concert series.  Peppie stopped into the studios to talk about this high-energy mass blending jazz and funk styles, and about the resilience and commitment of the remarkable students who are a part of the performance.   Information about concerts at Hendricks Chapel is available here.

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S06 Ep27: Inspiring Women

Published - March 5, 2022

“Let’s not judge.  Let’s draw inspiration from each other’s stories – successes and failures – and realize we’re all connected.”  – Cory Booker   Connection and inspiration take many forms.  In this episode we share compositions and performances drawn from inspiring women.     Inspiring Women Persis Parshall Vehar:  Women, Women (excerpts) Sharon Mabry, mezzo-soprano; Patsy Wade, piano “Dimensions” Aeolian Digital Recordings 60003 Judith Shatin:  The Passion of St. Cecilia Gayle Martin Henry, piano Moravian Phliharmonic; Joel Suben, conductor “Piping the Earth” Ravello Records 7825 Joan Tower:  Rising Carol Wincenc, flute Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival “American Flute Quintets” Bridge 9373 Anthony Plog:  Sonata for

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March 3, 2022: Tom Gallant, Frisson (Syr. Friends of Chamber Music)

Published - March 3, 2022

  The Frisson Ensemble is coming to Syracuse this weekend!  The Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music season continues, and Tom Gallant, Artistic Director of the Frisson Ensemble, spoke to us about the program they have in store.  He also gave us some insight into the flexible nature of the ensemble, and just where the name “Frisson” originated.   Information about the Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music available here. And learn more about the Frisson Ensemble here.

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March 2, 2022: Aldo Santiago, Syracuse City Ballet

Published - March 2, 2022

  Syracuse City Ballet is presenting the final performance of this season, “Romantic, Classical and Modern” over the next three weekends in their own studios.  Artistic Director Aldo Santiago stopped by the studios to give us some insight into the works, having an audience right in the studio space, and what it takes to become part of the corps of dancers.   Information about Syracuse City Ballet is available here.

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